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Hey Welcome to the brand spankin' new icons community :] This is a community where we can trade + make + or request icons. Its also a community to help with icons and give tips or good sites with icon help. So basically if your into the whole icon thing this is a good community for you to join! To start this community off I thought i'd offer a few icons up for grabs. Before you take one just comment on this entry letting me know you've taken one. Thanks.

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Testing :] <3
cool im the first person! do u make blinkies?
if u dont its ok....but can u send me an email. so i can send u piccies to make a icon 4 me PLEASE :) thank u
Hey :] Thanks for joining! Sure I can make you an icon..whats your email?
btw luv ur icon. were did u get the pic of the icecream from. its adorable!
Thanks :] I got the pic of the icecream from a site..i forget which one but I think its listed on my journal. <333
my email addy is jacki_wacki2003@yahoo.com.au
thanks :)
do u have msn???
was also wondering.......hehe if this isnt 2 much 4 u.......can u make me a layout coz mine totally sux. and i have NO IDEA how to make layouts. heeh thanks :)
Sorry but I don't make layouts that often and when I do they take me forever. Maybe in the summer though I can make you one because I won't be busy with school n stuff.<333333333
thanks! way cool. luv ur new avatar *thumbs up* and can u just jot down a note...so u remember to make one for me in the summer please :) thanks heaps
p.s can i post u the pictures i want for an icon please :)